2019 Bullet Journal Setup

Hello, hope you all have been having a wonderful holiday season.  If you’ve been following my bullet journal on this blog, I post monthly setups near the end of every month.  But as the year comes to a close, I put together a few more recap and preparation spreads in addition to the usual pages.

First I wanted some space where I could compile high points and things I usually go back to reference in the past year.  On the first page, I have space to write some important and/or good memories that defined each month of 2018.  For the opposite side, I left a nearly blank page to pull together basically all of the media I’d read, watched, or listened to this year.  I’ve been keeping a reading log in my phone for the whole year, but I was surprised how difficult it was to remember what movies I’d seen earlier in the year before I started leaving a space in my monthly trackers to write them down.  It’s also kind of gratifying to see it all filled in, which I did after taking these pictures.  I’m up to 38 books and 30 movies from what I kept a record of.


The next few spreads are used to set up and plan for 2019.  First, I made a year at a glance page, which yes, did take forever to write individually, and I left the other side blank as a scratch page for me to doodle and plan out themes I want to use in the coming months of the year.  After that, I used the same layout as I did when I first set up my bullet journal to make a simple spread to refer to for my resolutions and plans for this blog.


Next comes a spread for the new spring semester at school, including both a place for me to brain dump all my goals and a layout for my weekly course schedule.


With all the general yearly and semester-ly pages out of the way, we can jump into the January month setup, which as usual, includes a cover page and a full calendar.  I just used a grey marker for a monochrome look and spent far too much time practicing and drawing clouds, which turned out to be really satisfying once I got the hang of it.  Check out this video tutorial if you’re interested.


I have a couple of pages for logs and trackers that don’t really change much month-to-month except for the order I feel like putting them in.  For January, I’ve got a simple reading and expense log opposite my daily habit trackers, and on the next spread, I had fun with a quote and left the opposite page empty for me to plan projects and writing that I hope to make some progress on in the new year.  After that the weekly spreads kick off, with a design goal to basically give me as much space as possible for each day and adding a few theme details and doodles as a bonus.


Hope you enjoyed and got something out of my bullet journal setup for January and 2019 as a whole.  The new year is obviously a popular time to try to get organized and make goals, and I highly recommend bullet journaling as a way to do that.  I’m about half a year in, and if nothing else, I find it really nice to be able to have a physical record to look back on what I did or read or worked on in a certain month.  Although I am an obsessive planner, so take from that what you will.

Merry Christmas!



Proverbs 15:22


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